As a wife, mother, business owner and photographer, my life sometimes feels like it is slipping away from me at an alarming rate. Do you ever feel that way? Don’t you wish you could just freeze time? Well, you can when you have a family portrait created.

Over the years, many people have asked me why is having a family portrait created so important? As a professional portrait photographer, I probably have more to say on this subject than most. But as a wife and mother, the answer is really quite simple. Family is the most important thing in life. Period. Sometimes, however, things get so busy that we forget this. Having a family portrait created is one way to always remember important moments that might otherwise slip away. So the question is, “Have you had a family portrait taken?” I urge you not to wait for something sad or bad to happen to make you wish you had...

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that time is ticking away and it’s never going to stop. In fact, time is the one thing that most of us need and money can’t buy. And you know how things are... if you don’t schedule to have a family portrait created now, you’ll get swamped with other things and before you know it - two years - maybe even five years has gone by. How different will your family be then? Don’t make the same mistake I’ve seen many families make over the years. They put off having a family portrait and then, before they know it, the kids have gone off to college and they’ve missed the opportunity.


It’s the one way you can hold on to the moments you wish would last forever. No price tag can be put on family memories. They are and always will be...PRICELESS.

Sandra Paetow Photography specializes in creating extraordinary family portraits. We’ve been doing it for over twenty years and we make everything easy for you. Just call our studio at 410-561-5066 and we can get started on creating your own family heirloom portraits today. Take the time to get your family together and have that special memory created. Without a doubt, you’ll be glad you did!